Introducing the Vortex Series of Agitators


VORTEX TC-105 400bbl Upright Application
Keeping fluids in motion prevents settling and subsequently cleaning. 

The T&C Vortex series of agitation systems is one of a kind. This revolutionary patented agitator puts all others to shame.
Making a full "sweep" at the tank bottom every 3 seconds combined with consistent re-distribution of fluid within the body of the tank greatly reduces cleaning intervals if not eliminating them.
Here at T&C Industries we know we have a good product and we stand behind it. The heart of this system is our specially engineered swivel which we guarantee for a full year.  

Our patented mixing system is hard at work on the Mesa and Jonah fields of North Western Wyoming, keeping mud engineers happy as weighty mud stays in suspension and ready to use upon demand.

This revolutionary design uses a 360° rotating assembly low in the tank with jets high in the tank to provide maximum circulation through the entire 400 bbl tank, versus conventional stationary bottom ring. The thorough distribution prevents formation of “dead spots” thus keeping solids in constant suspension and precluding the need for frequent and costly tank cleaning.

6" Suction creates maximum efficiency, producing up to 45rpm, at the rotating assembly. The Vortex mixing system keeps heavy drilling fluids ready for immediate use. The Vortex System is adaptable to a standard 4" suction producing up to 20rpm. For optimum efficiency a 5x6 pump is recommended.

The INNOVATIONS DEPARTMENT is ready for an on site evaluation of specific problems and unique circumstances requiring an "outside of the box" approach. Newly redesigned mixing nozzles and application-specific swivel joints have been created to solve customer's distinctive requirements.


Here is what our Customers and End-users are saying about The Vortex TC-105 and
T & C Industries:

Pete Hart, Ultra Resources Rockies
"The mixing abilities of this system have saved us untold dollars in tank
cleaning costs. We simply couldn't do without it."

Dave Ramage, General Manager, Stallion Oilfield Rockies
"This mixing system has allowed our Surface Equipment Department to
corner the market on 400BBL Upright tanks, Our customers can't get enough."

Tanya Christensen, Mud Facilities coordinator, Halliburton/Baroid
"Perhaps the most efficient mixing system I have seen. Much better than a
horizontal tank."
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